Wandering in the museums

Wandering in the museums

Beside its rich historic legacy Székesfehérvár is an attractive destination for its cultural contribution. Its museums and galleries hold such treasures such as the Grand Prix award winning panel painting. Upon seeing this Picasso apparently cried “Who is this barbarian genius?”. Let’s get down to culture!

Visit our most popular permanent exhibitions: the exhibitions of King St. Stephen Museum, the valuable pieces of the Town Gallery Deák Collection, the Fekete Sas (Black Eagle) Chemist’s Museum or the treasures of the Hetedhét (behind the beyond) Toy Museum! Ten of our numerous exhibitions are located in the city centre so these can all be visited in one short walk.

Start discovering the treasures in our museums at the National Memorial Site, the ruined garden of the Coronation Basilica which hold the remains of Hungary’s most important church, dedicated to honour the Virgin Mary. In the uniquely rich archaeological collection of the King St. Stephen Museum we can get a taste of the past of Fejér County from the Neolithic up to the Ottoman times and amongst other things we can see the remains of the valuable stone-work of the royal basilica. The Székesfehérvár Diocese Museum is open to visitors with the most modern technological innovations and interactive guided tours. In the fine art exhibitions of the museum we can find the famous panel painting of Vilmos Aba-Novák which was the winner of the Grand Prix award in 1937 at the Paris World Expo in the Hungarian pavilion. With the help of the three permanent exhibitions of the town we can form a comprehensive overview of the most important authors and aspirations of fine art in 20th century Hungary. The Ervin Ybl Collection is located in the Bundez House, the Dénes Deák Collection can be found in the small, city centre Eszterházy palace and in the building of the former County Hall we can see the permanent exhibition of the New Hungarian Gallery from the greatest Hungarian painters (József Rippl Rónai, István Csók, Aurél Bernáth, Bertalan Székely..) to the art of young contemporary artists.

Vörösmarty Theatre

Vörösmarty Theatre

Székesfehérvár, the cradle of acting in Hungarian, offers open air productions in the summer and from the autumn it provides exciting premiers for the lovers of theatre. The new season centres around the jubilee: it is just twenty years since Vörösmarty Theatre set up its own company.

An essential part of dipping into and experiencing the culture of Székesfehérvár is attending a performance at the Vörösmarty Theatre. In the name of diverse genres it is a must that there are musical plays, motion-theatre and experimental stage productions beside the classical pieces just as it is a must that the company of the theatre lists the names of the greatest. It is worth browsing the repertoire!

A teaser for the 2015/2016 season: Balfácánt vacsorára, Csókos asszony, Augusztus Oklahomában, Tizenkét dühös ember, A velencei kalmár, Kakukkfészek, Gombóc Artúr, Terrorizmus, Szutyok, Művészet, János vitéz.

Bory Castle – the fort of romance

Bory Castle – the fort of romance

Do you fancy a lulling stroll amongst the baroque, rococo and Louis Seize style buildings by the sparkling fountains of the High Street? Would you like even more? Discover the fort of romance, a castle of a 20th century cavalier, the most peculiar building of the city! The Bory Castle!

Which woman doesn’t dream about their partner creating a long-lasting memorial of their love? Jenő Bory raised a complete castle with his own hands for his wife and children. For almost 40 years he was building it without any comprehensive plans, freely experimenting with this building intended to be a home where he was the designer, the architect and the bricklayer, too. With its seven towers and thirty smaller and bigger rooms it has become the most peculiar building of the city, a real oddity in the suburbs. This oversized home with its seemingly autotelic ornaments is a very peculiar example of symbolic architecture in Hungary. Even the layout of the castle is symbolic, it centres around two notions: the chapel of marital love and his workshop symbolising the two cornerstones of the life of sculptor-architect. The castle of Jenő Bory is a memorial of his undying love towards his wife Ilona Komócsin, a painter. It is not by accident that locals prefer to have their wedding photos taken in this place.

To the Bory Castle by street-train – guided romantic excursion for groups

Family Adventures

Family Adventures

Do you long after never-ending and carefree fun? Put on your seven-league boots and let’s head to the toy museum that is unparalleled in Europe or to the brand new historic games-park tempting us with the most ancient and the newest games! Big and small alike can enjoy the encounter between the past and present together.

There is a magical place in Székesfehérvár whose oldest resident is the youngest. How is that possible? You can find out in the Hetedhét (Behind the beyond) Toy Museum where the whole family will be faced with such riddles and wonders. Each piece of the many thousands of this collection tells a fabulous story and in the small doll-houses you can get a glimpse of the everyday life of an 18th to 19th century bourgeois family.

The Korona (Crown) Park with its nearly four-acre wooded area is situated in the vicinity of the Rose Gardens and the wonderful Punting pond with more than fifty wooden toys on seven playgrounds. And the extra is: a treasure-hunt with a smartphone, coronations and battles in digital costumes at the Kinect games-corner. It is worth timing the programmes so that one can get from the Toy Museum to the Korona Park and back with the sight-seeing street-train.

The sight-seeing street-train leaves from the Városháza (Town Hall) Square, by the Orb, every hour and takes its approximately forty-minute round in the city centre. One of places it stops is the Korona Park.

If you are visiting with your family you must finish the day in the Enchanter in Basa Street where small performances, puppet shows, slide shows and films, audio-visual evenings and interactive family activities entertain all who visit. Every evening at 6.00pm there is an evening tale!

Family Adventures – programme package for families and for the young at heart.

Duration: 2.5-3 hours

Price: 7500Ft/family (2 adults + 2 children under 14)


  • Entry to the Hetedhét Toy Museum and guided tour of the Hiemer House
  • Crown Park – Park of Secrets game with a guide-leaflet
  • Price of the street-train
This city is for royalty – and for school trips as well!

This city is for royalty – and for school trips as well!

Is it really historic, sacral, cultural, traditionalist, active and even interactive? Székesfehérvár can give something new and unique for all ages. Our city is a “mandatory” destination for school trips so we are prepared to welcome groups from schools. Variety and sophistication – high-level museum education!

The first trip must lead to the ruins of the former coronation basilica, to the National Memorial Site and to the archaeological exhibition of the King St. Stephen Museum. Following this we can begin to discover the city which will be exciting and full of experiences with our unique offers.

For primary schools we offer an adventure to the fabulous world of a special museum. The unbelievably rich collection of the Hetedhét (Behind the beyond) Toy Museum not only allows us to catch a glimpse into the original bourgeois milieu but also takes students to a real dream world. The toys of the girls are completed by different puzzles and board games while the boys can find soldiers, ships and engines. The drawers under the display cabinets conceal exciting tasks; games and enthusiasm guaranteed!

For secondary schools we offer a little history of wars. In the Garrison-Historical Collection of Relics an unrivalled exhibition tells us the most important military events of this county from the 1848-49 war of independence up to this present day.

Our strength is museum education. The class can choose the most suitable from our various exciting and creative programmes in the areas of art, history and tradition. We recommend the programmes of the Korona (Crown) Park for all ages amongst them the most favourite one the Living Illustrated Chronicle elaborating on the history of the city. The interactive street theatre tells an entertaining story about the historical events that are part of the local and Hungarian legends following the scenes found in the Illustrated Chronicles.

Short strolls, fabulous experiences – for senior citizen groups!

Short strolls, fabulous experiences – for senior citizen groups!

Short strolls and fabulous experiences. Székesfehérvár is one of the favourite spots for senior citizen groups as only a few hundred metres stroll is enough to come across some invaluable treasures and unique experiences.

Pick from our package programmes and you will surely find a suitable one for the group! Beside the historical, cultural and sacral attractions we offer quality opportunities for the playful who are young at heart and those wishing to enjoy a bathe.

Whatever your programme in Székesfehérvár is make sure you don’t miss any of these:

  • The Ruined Gardens of the Coronation Basilica – visiting the National Memorial Site
  • Tasting the 2013 “ice-cream of the year” or the 2014 “cake of the nation”
  • Setting your watches at the Flower Clock
  • Watching the clock-works at Kossuth Court
  • Sipping from the rich mineral water of the Csitáry well
  • Buying souvenirs from the Székesfehérvár Gift Shop