Through the millennia

Through the millennia

Those visiting this region can go back in time not only hundreds but thousands of years. This historical time-travel leads from the present to the past, to the former coronation city then from the ruins of Gorsium from the Roman ages to the settlement of cavemen in the stone age only to take us back to the present through the memories of the war of independence and the history of the Hungarian privates.

If we are talking about Fehérvár then we must mention the National Memorial Site, the traditions of St. Stephen, the history of the coronation city, the ossuary holding the remains of our great ones in the arch of the foundation stones of the formerly enormous basilica –the Hungarian statehood was born here a thousand years ago. Although the royal centuries have long gone history lives on and permeates everything in Székesfehérvár. If we are not content with the superficial and look behind the scenes we can find uniquely valuable treasures and we can experience moving and uplifting moments. In the Diocese Museum we can admire the head relic of St. Stephen in its silver casing which was guarded and locked away from the public for centuries. In the crypt of the St. Stephen Basilica we discover the coffins of Béla III and his wife, Ann of Antioch who, of all the royals buried here, are the only royal couple to be identified. On the marble slabs we see the imprint of the royal couple. It is an exclusive opportunity to glimpse into the ossuary holding the bones found amongst the ruins of the coronation basilica including the earthly remains of our kings. It is only open to visitors on special occasions such as on the 20th August during the Kings Days (Királyi Napok).

If you have already seen all these head out to the surrounding areas! After the ancient archaeological park, Gorsium we can go to the Vértes and then to Lake Velence. From the end of April till the middle of October there are scheduled boat trips on Lake Velence on the Agárd-Gárdony-Pákozd route and we can also cruise around Pákozd-Szúnyogsziget. You can finish this time-travelling by cruising on Lake Velence but if you still have some zest you can head towards Várpalota to become acquainted with the Thury Castle and the Trianon Museum. Let’s head back into the past!


Highlighted days:

12th to 21th August – Székesfehérvár: Kings Days including the Crowning Holiday Games

Last weekend of September – Pákozd: National Defence Festival

First weekend of September – Csókakő: Csókakő Castle Games