Forgotten folk traditions come back to life: we find out how the cobbler lived, what the currier worked with, what the scourer did and even more we become acquainted with the ‘hind quarters’ woman pushing her cart on the walking street. She brings good luck!

One can witness the preservation of folk tradition even while walking in the city centre as amongst the work of arts on public display on these streets and squares the brass statue of Aunt Kate, the market costermonger, a lovely acquaintance of the people of Székesfehérvár fits in well with our one-time kings and great people. Following local superstition her nose has been rubbed so much by passers-by hoping for good luck that it shines. In the Palotaváros (Palace town) open air museum in Rác (Rascian) Street we can experience the everyday life of the famous hat maker dynasty, the Dietrich family, we see the tools and guild relics of the currier, the cobbler, the bootmaker, the shoemaker, the saddler, the scourer, the fur-dresser and the “szűr” tailor. We can call at the Craftsmen’s House where the Association of the Fehérvár Craftsmen give us a glimpse into the secrets of making folk musical instruments, egg painting, cakes with wooden templates, felt balls, reed mace boats and paper. The other gem of this street is the “Birth of St. John” Serbian Orthodox church which houses an extremely rich collection of iconostasis.

In the building of the King Saint Stephen Museum at the Országzászló (National Flag) Square the “Traditions of creating objects” exhibition presents the folk tradition of Fejér County, the journey these objects took from their creations through their use up to the folk tradition movement of today and the works of the applied art of folk artists. Become acquainted with the products of the gingerbread makers, the potter or the goose hind-quarters vendor!

Ethnography – guided traditionalist excursion (with advanced booking)

Duration: 2 hours

Price of the programme in a foreign language: 18 000Ft/group

Entrance fee to the Open Air Museum as part of the programme: 500 Ft/adult, 250 Ft/student, senior citizens

Ethnography – extra package with visiting the museum

Duration: 2.5 hours

Price of the programme in a foreign language: 21 000Ft/group

Entrance fee to the museums as part of the programme: 1200 Ft/adult, 600 Ft/student, senior citizens