Fertőzug Leisure Centre, Börgöndpuszta

Fertőzug Leisure Centre, Börgöndpuszta

The Fertőzug Leisure Centre located next to the Dinnyés Marsh Natural Reservation presents both anglers and families with small children with farm animals and wild animals, typical water plants and those of the shore and an opportunity for fishing.

In the park you will find two lakes for fishing and several smaller ponds. Around both of the lakes there are huts for shelter from the sun and the rain and in certain areas you can fish from a fishing platform. You can buy food and drinks in the canteen as well as accessories for fishing and there are facilities for open-air cooking.

The Robinson Island can be booked for longer periods by families or group of friends.

Several different animals can be seen in the Leisure Centre such as display-poultry, display pheasants, display doves, peacocks, geese, turkeys, squirrels, ring-tailed coati, goats, deer and ponies.

The Dinnyés Marsh nearby provides an excellent habitat for elk, coot, grebe, the red-footed falcon and for the hobby. You will have an opportunity to watch birds while fishing.