Vértesszőlős Ancient settlement

Vértesszőlős Ancient settlement

On the boundaries of this small Trans-Danubian village one of Europe’s most ancient settlements was uncovered along with the nape-bone of an archanthropus, Samu and his stone tools, fireplace, food remains and also a milk-tooth from a 6 or 7-year-old child was found.

The surroundings of this ancient creek that is protected by a glass wall holds many fossilised footprints from ancient animals and our ancestors.

In 1965 a piece of a nape-bone from a caveman and two teeth from a child were unearthed which were 350 thousand years old. The archanthropus nicknamed Samu, a Homo erectus seu sapiens Paleo hungaricus is a link between the humanoids who had just started walking upright and those who can be considered intelligent. We can see Samu’s footprint, his bone, quartzite and flint tools as well as his fireplace along with the canine tooth of a sabertooth tiger and some ancient plant species.

Vértesszőlős is of vital importance concerning the origin of men. It is unique both from the point of archaeology and anthropology as well as ice-age geology.

The exhibition is also accessible by wheelchair.