This city adventure equals to travelling through time, which spans over a thousand years. Through the pieces of art found in public places one can become acquainted with the story of this city that has been destroyed and renewed again and again all the way up to the scroll motive of the high-street that was completed in 2013 and which is a unique Hungarian innovation in our city. Have you got “the time”?

A stroll in Székesfehérvár is time-travel in itself from the founding of the state to the present day. Clocks are special to us and it is symbolic that at each end of the historic city centre a clock has been placed. In the magical atmosphere of the Kossuth garden a clock puts the passing of time into historic perspective by summoning the well-known figures and legends of Hungarian history in an artistic presentation accompanied by chiming. The happy procession features King Stephen, Prince Emeric, King Ladislaus fighting with a Cuman valiant, St. Elizabeth and St. Margaret as well as King Mathias and Queen Beatrix. On the ground floor of this antique building we find the collection of the Clock Museum consisting of many hundreds of wall-clocks, Grandfather-clocks, pocket-watches, wrist-watches and even the mechanism of a tower clock from the 17th century. At the other end of the city centre a flower-clock which has been operating for 60 years tells us the exact time with flowering plants on its face that also displays the correct date. On our excursion we present the history of the city reflected in the pieces of art in public places. There are statues erected for kings, soldiers, humanistic scientists but the costermonger’s bronze figure also fits in whose nose has been rubbed so much by passers-by hoping for good luck from touching her nose that it now shines. On the Városháza Square a lovely clown, Mujkó keeps his eyes on every step we make. Can you see from where?

Time-travel thematic excursion

Duration: 2 hours

Price of the programme in a foreign language: 18 000Ft/group

Time-travel extra package with advanced booking

Duration: 2.5 hours

Price of the programme in a foreign language: 21 000Ft/group

Entrance fee to the Clock Museum as part of the programme: 1000 Ft/person