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On the path of kings

On the path of kings

Did you know that in medieval Hungary one could only be the rightful monarch if the Archbishop of Esztergom placed the crown of St. Stephen I on their head in Székesfehérvár? We can follow the footsteps of our kings. Let’s open the history book of our country together!

One of Hungary’s most ancient and historically rich cities was founded by Grand Prince Géza in 972 and during the reign of Stephen I became a royal and cultural centre. The National Memorial Site comprises of the remains of the one-time coronation basilica built by Saint Stephen the King – Our Blessed Lady Basilica. 36 Hungarian kings have been crowned between its walls. As well as St. Stephen and his son Prince Emeric (Imre), another 14 kings also chose the basilica for their resting place. We can find our founding father’s carved stone sarcophagus in the St. Stephen Mausoleum. On the surrounding walls we can follow the story of the Holy Crown and the legend of the Holy Right on Vilmos Aba-Novák’s historic secco. In the town hall a copy of the Holy Crown can be seen. Its base is made of fine silver and it is covered in pure gold. This piece of art weighing 1.5-kilos is decorated with 19 enamel pictures, 8 framed enamel pictures, 80 almandine stones, 4 sapphire stones, 410 pearls, 6 amethyst stones and 1 turquoise stone. It is not only the crown which points to medieval past but also other crowning jewels. According to the inscription on the most emblematic piece of art dominating the main square of the city, the Orb: “Fehérvár is a free city by the grace of St. Stephen”.

It is worth extending our tour by visiting the archaeological exhibition of the St. Stephen Royal Museum where we have a chance to admire the remains of the stone carvings of the royal basilica amongst the treasures of the millennia. Remains of tombstones, sarcophaguses, altars and statues of emperors are exhibited here amongst the stone remains from the 1st to 4th century.

On the path of kings – standard sightseeing programme

Duration: 2 hours

Price of the programme in a foreign language: 30 000 HUF/ 30 Person

Entrance fee to the National Memorial Site as part of the programme: 700 HUF/adult, 350 HUF/child

The National Memorial Site is open from 1st April to 31st October.

On the path of kings extra package with viewing the copy of the Holy Crown

Extra package with advance booking:

Duration: 2.5 hours

Price of the programme in a foreign language: 35 000 HUF/30 Person

Entrance fee to the National Memorial Site as part of the programme: 700 HUF/adult, 350 HUF/child

The National Memorial Site is open from 1st April to 31st October.


Short strolls, fabulous experiences – for senior citizen groups!

Short strolls, fabulous experiences – for senior citizen groups!

Short strolls and fabulous experiences. Székesfehérvár is one of the favourite spots for senior citizen groups as only a few hundred metres stroll is enough to come across some invaluable treasures and unique experiences.

Duration: 2 hours
Price of the programme in a foreign language: 30000 Ft/30 Person

Attractions concerned during the tour:

  • Town Hall Square (Town Hall and Episcopal palace from outside, Orb)
  • St. Stephan Cathedral
  • Clockworks
  • Ruined Garden of the Coronation Basilica - National Memorial Site (from outside)
  • Main Street attractions
Romantic Székesfehérvár

Romantic Székesfehérvár

Do you fancy a lulling stroll amongst the baroque, rococo and Louis Seize style buildings by the sparkling fountains of the High Street? Would you like even more? Discover the fort of romance, a castle of a 20th century cavalier, the most peculiar building of the city! The Bory Castle!

Which woman doesn’t dream about their partner creating a long-lasting memorial of their love? Jenő Bory raised a complete castle with his own hands for his wife and children. For almost 40 years he was building it without any comprehensive plans, freely experimenting with this building intended to be a home where he was the designer, the architect and the bricklayer, too. With its seven towers and thirty smaller and bigger rooms it has become the most peculiar building of the city, a real oddity in the suburbs. This oversized home with its seemingly autotelic ornaments is a very peculiar example of symbolic architecture in Hungary. Even the layout of the castle is symbolic, it centres around two notions: the chapel of marital love and his workshop symbolising the two cornerstones of the life of sculptor-architect. The castle of Jenő Bory is a memorial of his undying love towards his wife Ilona Komócsin, a painter. It is not by accident that locals prefer to have their wedding photos taken in this place.

To the Bory Castle by street-train – guided romantic excursion for groups

Duration: 4 hours

Price: 7000 HUF/ adult, 6200 HUF/ student, senior

The guided tour contains:

  • 2 hour long guided tour in the town centre
  • Fee for the street-train
  • Entrance to the Bory Castle
  • 1 hour guided tour in the Bory Castle

Minimum number of visitors: 25 people
Maximum number of visitors: 50 people

The gems of the city centre

The gems of the city centre

The historic city centre has preserved its medieval street structure ornamented by baroque, rococo and Louis Seize style buildings many of which are paramount examples of national architecture. Walking these quaint streets one stumbles upon romantic inner courts and sweet enclosed corner balconies. Be sure not to miss the real gem in our jewel-box the Hiemer house!

The city centre of Székesfehérvár is not only a paradise for those searching in the past but it also presents many delicacies for those open to art. Over the course of our excursion we will become acquainted with the architectural assets of our city, we will call at the antique buildings of the Vörösmarty Theatre and Magyar Király Hotel(Hungarian King) and we will admire the listed Árpád Spa with its shell decorated dome masterpiece of Ödön Lechner in art nouveau style. The Városháza (Town Hall) square is dominated by the Bishop’s Palace which is one of Hungary’s most remarkable pieces of architecture in Louis Seize style with its splendid proportions, natural and clear-cut distribution and fine details.

In the 17th century, enclosed corner balconies decorating baroque facades became fashionable and a typical element of architecture in Fehérvár. We can admire one of the earliest and most famous examples of this on the Hiemer House on the main square. The centre of our programme is the Hiemer House, winner of the Award of Merit, which is regarded as the baroque gem of the city centre and which regained its former grandeur in 2012 after undergoing multiple stages of renovation. This architectural piece of art formed by the fusion of three buildings tells a story about the history of the city: through its unique medieval merits, baroque and rococo architectural relics and through its modern time alterations the past centuries of Fehérvár come to life. It gives home to the wedding hall, the Hetedhét (behind the beyond) Toy Museum, an elegant restaurant and café, the Fehérvár Gift Shop and the Tourinform Office.

The gems of the city centre package with the Hiemer house

Extra package – with advanced booking

Duration: 2 hours

Price of the programme in a foreign language: 30 000 HUF/30 Person

Entrance fee to the Hiemer House as part of the programme: 400 HUF/person

Titkos helyek

Titkos helyek

Only in hungarian available!

Hiemer-house guidance

Hiemer-house guidance

This baroque-rococo building from the 17th century is really three different houses that have been built into one over the centuries. Today we can also find a wedding-hall in the building. Be sure not to miss the real gem in our jewel-box the Hiemer house!

Only with registry in the Tourinform Office!
Duration: 30 min.
Price (with English speaking guide):
Up to 6 person: 1 800 HUF/person

Under 6 years: free of charge

This guided tour is only available with pre-booking depends on the availability of the Hiemer Event Center and the Tourinform Office.

Városnéző kivonat

Városnéző kivonat

Szokásos menetrendje szerint 10 – 18 óra között óránként indul az Országalmától, de a menetrend ettől esetenként eltérhet, érdemes a Tourinform irodánál érdeklődni előzetesen!

A vonat a nyáron garantált időpontokban romantikus vártúrára is indul a Bory-várhoz a Tourinform szervezésében, de a program egyedileg is rendelhető. Osztálykirándulások, családi, baráti kiruccanások élménydús programja lehet a kisvonatos kirándulás Székesfehérváron, amely idegenvezetéssel kalauzolja el a város érdekességeihez utasait. Télen fényvonatként rója a köröket a gyerekek, családok, turisták nagy örömére és színes, izgalmas élményekkel örvendezteti meg őket. A fehérvári járgány magyar gyártmány, mozdonya Nissan Terrano terepjáróra épült, a motorja egy 2.7-es, 125 lóerős dízel. Igazán erős kis alkalmatosság, amely összesen 50 fő szállítására alkalmas, kihangosító berendezéssel és lehúzható esővédő fóliával rendelkezik. Belvárosi kör menetideje 40-45 perc! Csoportos ajánlatkérés esetén érdeklődjön irodánk munkatársainál
Osztálykirándulás a Sóstón

Osztálykirándulás a Sóstón

A nagyváros ölelésében található Sóstó lehetőséget ad arra, hogy egy kihagyhatatlan történelmi helyszínt és egy különleges és egyedi természeti élményt egy kiránduláson fedezzen fel az osztály.

A történelmi belvárosban interaktív idegenvezetés során olyan kérdések nyomába eredünk, hogy miért is kellett a középkorban Székesfehérváron koronázni a magyar királyokat, vagy hol is őrzik királyaink csontjait és milyen üzenetet rejt az Országalma felirata. Ezután városnéző kisvonattal 15 - 20 perc alatt érjük el a Sóstó Természetvédelmi Területet, ahol a Sóstó Látogatóközpont munkatársai a terület élővilágának legizgalmasabb titkaiba avatják be az osztályt egy könnyed, másfél órás kiránduláson. A kreatív és mozgásos feladatokkal tűzdelt túra a Sóstó Vadvédelmi Központban ér véget, itt a gyerekek megleshetik sérült vadállatok gyógyítását és kezelését, barátkozhatnak a lábadozó állatokkal, és figyelhetik a felépülő madarak első szárnypróbálgatásait is.

Kirándulás időtartama: 4 óra + kisvonat utazási idő

Részletes program:
  • Belvárosi séta (1,5 óra)
  • Kisvonattal kiutazás a Sóstó Természetvédelmi Területre (cc. 20 perc forgalomtól függően)
  • Sóstó Program – Vezetett Ökotúra, bemutató a Vadvédelmi Központban (2,5 óra)
  • Kisvonattal visszautazás a belvárosba (cc. 20 perc forgalomtól függően)

    Minimum létszám: 20 fő
    Maximum létszám: 45 fő
Részvételi díj:
25 fő alatt: 5.800 ft / fő 
25 - 45 fő: 5.500 ft / fő