Discover the city with your smartphone!

Discover the city with your smartphone!

Székesfehérvár at your fingertips! Discover the city with mobile applications!

Discover with PocketGuide locations known from the pages of the Vienna Illuminated Chronicle! This sightseeing tour through the heart of Székesfehérvár tells the story of the city – starting before Hungary was even a country. You can use our tours free of charge as long as you have a Wi-fi or internet connection.

Save yourself time and money! 2GO! Székesfehérvár mobil app is like having a local by your side.
Get Discounts with GPS location and interactive profiles. We’ve partnered with our local advertisers to bring you the discounts you won’t find anywhere else! 2GO! Székesfehérvár guides you around the city, pointing out the best stores and most exciting venues. The app 2GO! Székesfehérvár is the mobile application for the city of Székesfehérvár, users are able to follow the logically arranged menu to the desired information.
Get this FREE personal advisor in your pocket which helps you plan and have the perfect day! Do not waste your time, we put the whole city at your fingertips.

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