Pákozd-Sukoró Arboretum

Pákozd-Sukoró Arboretum

The Pákozd-Sukoró Arboretum is located on a hillside with 250 different types of trees, shrubs and herbs living in its 960 hectare area. Its ecosystem is enriched by native tree species, special protected plants and a varied range of birds and insects.

Visitors can study geological remains of rocks and become acquainted with fishing in the region and with the help of the wild-animal feeder and high-stands along the nature trail can catch a glimpse of game-keeping.

One of the gems of Pákozd is Lake Bella located in a wonderful forest environment. This little lake of clear water is fed from the 100-metre-long creek bearing the same name. It is suitable for a family excursion or picnic and although you can bathe in it, fishing is prohibited.

Travelling from Pákozd to Sukoró one of the attractions you should not miss is the settlement of European bee-eaters in the loess-wall. You can usually see these birds as they fly with their colourful feathers and tell-tale sound. They arrive here at the beginning of May and leave by the middle of September.