Vértes Nature Park

Vértes Nature Park

This extensive Nature Park rich in natural and cultural values is the scene of relaxation, education on environmental protection, the spread of information and the practical realisation of environmentally friendly farming.

The exhibition rooms of the Geszner House present the flora and fauna of the hills through installations, collections, photographs and graphics.

The 3.5-kilometer-long Nature Trail of the Haraszti Hills is one of the most spectacular trails. At the seven stops on this trail visitors become acquainted with geological curiosities and the rich variety of flora and fauna which has evolved on the rough surface of the dolomite hills under different climates and in different soils and which has adjusted to extreme conditions.

The 13.5-kilometer-long Bogbean (Vidrafű) nature trail was named after a protected plant which prefers wet areas and blossoms in the spring with magical white petals. Walking along the trail one can discover the flora and fauna of the former pond and marsh area and the development of different plant associations signalling the continuous filling up of the lake.

The habitats of the Zámoly Basin resembling the Great Plains can be discovered riding a covered wagon with comfortable seats for up to 20-25 people. The most exciting stop on this journey by the puszta-busz (covered wagon) is the Plains Animal Park where the peace and quiet of the Hungarian fallow donkey, native Hungarian Grey Cattle, Hungarian Spotted Cattle, Indian Water buffalo, the Hungarian half-bred – ancestor of today’s horse –  Hungarian Racka Sheep, the Hungarian Naked Neck,  Guinea-Fowl, the Hungarian, the Bronze and the Copper Turkey, the Plain-feathered and Frilled-feathered Hungarian Goose are guarded by the Kuvasz, the Mudi and the Pumi.

Bale rolling, rabbit throwing, bullwhipping, Puli coaxing and lassoing? This is the Csikvarsa Pentathlon, a competition for children and adults alike involving traditional games of skill.

The varied Nature Park is the Hollywood of the Vértes. The magical flora and fauna, the wonderful meadows and fields dotted with flowers has been the scene for many adverts, historical films and series. Have you spotted them in the films Asterix and Obelix: God Save Britannia, Hercules, The Adventurers, When we get old, Monte Carlo, and Witch-hunt or Till the end of times?