Birthplace of Géza Gárdonyi, Gárdony

Birthplace of Géza Gárdonyi, Gárdony

“It is under your power while it is in your drawer, after that he controls your fate.” What is this? You can find out at the birthplace of Géza Gárdonyi.

In the restored birthplace of the author the Petőfi Literature Museum and the Association of Museums of Heves County displayed a new memorial exhibition in 2009. The exhibition presents the main events in the life of Géza Gárdonyi and the outstanding values of his literary work. We can see his diary as well as the most beautiful editions of his work along with some original personal belongings.

Visitors can become acquainted with his artistic methods and artistic work. We can also see a kitchen in the building furnished with contemporary tools and furniture.

On the wall of the birthplace of Géza Gárdonyi the memorial wall of twenty-two poets and writers from Fejér County was dedicated on 3rd August 2014, the 151st jubilee of the birth of the author.

As part of this initiative 22 present day Hungarian sculptors contributed a relief each to create this special memorial wall. Each of the 22 reliefs commemorates an artist having a notable oeuvre connected to Fejér County. Close to the memorial house we can find a scale model of the castle in Eger (Gárdony log-castle) which helps visitors to recall one of the victorious events in Hungarian history through games.