In flowery gardens

In flowery gardens

Outside the city centre high quality cuisine and hospitality couples with inner and outer harmony in two of our Rosemary Award winning restaurants’ garden section. The Rosemary Award is given by the Hungarian Tourism Ltd. every year to catering establishments of the highest quality.

The Rosemary Award is given to restaurants that have won the approval of tourism experts and the jury of “For a Flowery Hungary” with both their culinary offers and their sophisticated surroundings.

Two restaurants in Székesfehérvár have already won this approval so we can be sure that in these restaurants we can enjoy a lot more than just culinary wonders.

The garden section of the Diófa (walnut-tree) Restaurant is an outstanding feat of landscaping which was awarded with the highest national award of the Hungarian National Culinary Association the József Venesz award! The Szárcsa Csárda is open to guests with its traditional, tasty cuisine, interiors in bourgeois style and homely atmosphere.

The Rosemary Award developed from the “For a Flowery Hungary” movement in 2006 is awarded to one of the catering establishments in each of the 9 tourism regions of Hungary every year. Apart from the quality work it is also necessary to provide cultured, flowery surroundings to win the award.