This city is for royalty – and for school trips as well!

This city is for royalty – and for school trips as well!

Is it really historic, sacral, cultural, traditionalist, active and even interactive? Székesfehérvár can give something new and unique for all ages. Our city is a “mandatory” destination for school trips so we are prepared to welcome groups from schools. Variety and sophistication – high-level museum education!

The first trip must lead to the ruins of the former coronation basilica, to the National Memorial Site and to the archaeological exhibition of the King St. Stephen Museum. Following this we can begin to discover the city which will be exciting and full of experiences with our unique offers.

For primary schools we offer an adventure to the fabulous world of a special museum. The unbelievably rich collection of the Hetedhét (Behind the beyond) Toy Museum not only allows us to catch a glimpse into the original bourgeois milieu but also takes students to a real dream world. The toys of the girls are completed by different puzzles and board games while the boys can find soldiers, ships and engines. The drawers under the display cabinets conceal exciting tasks; games and enthusiasm guaranteed!

For secondary schools we offer a little history of wars. In the Garrison-Historical Collection of Relics an unrivalled exhibition tells us the most important military events of this county from the 1848-49 war of independence up to this present day.

Our strength is museum education. The class can choose the most suitable from our various exciting and creative programmes in the areas of art, history and tradition. We recommend the programmes of the Korona (Crown) Park for all ages amongst them the most favourite one the Living Illustrated Chronicle elaborating on the history of the city. The interactive street theatre tells an entertaining story about the historical events that are part of the local and Hungarian legends following the scenes found in the Illustrated Chronicles.