Family Adventures

Family Adventures

Do you long after never-ending and carefree fun? Put on your seven-league boots and let’s head to the toy museum that is unparalleled in Europe or to the brand new historic games-park tempting us with the most ancient and the newest games! Big and small alike can enjoy the encounter between the past and present together.

There is a magical place in Székesfehérvár whose oldest resident is the youngest. How is that possible? You can find out in the Hetedhét (Behind the beyond) Toy Museum where the whole family will be faced with such riddles and wonders. Each piece of the many thousands of this collection tells a fabulous story and in the small doll-houses you can get a glimpse of the everyday life of an 18th to 19th century bourgeois family.

The Korona (Crown) Park with its nearly four-acre wooded area is situated in the vicinity of the Rose Gardens and the wonderful Punting pond with more than fifty wooden toys on seven playgrounds. And the extra is: a treasure-hunt with a smartphone, coronations and battles in digital costumes at the Kinect games-corner. It is worth timing the programmes so that one can get from the Toy Museum to the Korona Park and back with the sight-seeing street-train.

The sight-seeing street-train leaves from the Városháza (Town Hall) Square, by the Orb, every hour and takes its approximately forty-minute round in the city centre. One of places it stops is the Korona Park.

If you are visiting with your family you must finish the day in the Enchanter in Basa Street where small performances, puppet shows, slide shows and films, audio-visual evenings and interactive family activities entertain all who visit. Every evening at 6.00pm there is an evening tale!

Family Adventures – programme package for families and for the young at heart.

Duration: 2.5-3 hours

Price: 7500Ft/family (2 adults + 2 children under 14)


  • Entry to the Hetedhét Toy Museum and guided tour of the Hiemer House
  • Crown Park – Park of Secrets game with a guide-leaflet
  • Price of the street-train